Samen werken, voor een psychisch gezonde jeugd

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Where have the English texts from the previous website gone?

Dear visitor,

You have probably reached this page because you have visited the English-language section of the website of the Dutch Knowledge Centre for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry before, or you have clicked on a link of another website.

In 2018, the Dutch Knowledge Centre has renewed its website. We have also tightened relations with our European partner ESCAP. As a result, we have decided to transfer all English content to the ESCAP website in the early months of 2019. At ESCAP, the content will be in capable hands and easier to distribute across Europe. The Dutch Knowledge Centre will continue to create the guidelines and other content, and have those translated to English for publication on the ESCAP website.

Together, we are very enthusiastic about this intensified collaboration.

Best regards,

The teams of ESCAP and the Dutch Knowledge Centre for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Should you need any English content from the previous website before it is republished, please send us an email at stating which content you’re looking for.